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Business in Aqua Adventure Clean-ups

Aqua adventure, Fremont's water park is a relatively understated area of entertainment during the pandemic. Even so, such a large pool system means costly maintenance. The council had decided that having multiple contractors will be necessary to maintain the cleanliness of such an area. Considerations to take include the relationship between these proposed contractors and the city and what external benefits could such a job mean for these people.

Illustrated by Lily Jiang

By Daniel Gong, Shu Han Jin, Katelyn Shen



Since its opening in 2009, Fremont’s Aqua Adventure Waterpark has been one of the city’s largest summertime attractions. Because of its popularity, the waterpark is in constant need of new repairs and maintenance from its general wear and usage. As such, from 2009 to 2021, Fremont has hired National Aquatic Services as their contractor. However, the need for pool repair has increased dramatically recently, and National Aquatic Services takes much longer to respond to requests, resulting in more down time. In an attempt to solve this issue, from November 2021 to December 7, 2021, the city requested proposals for new contractors. The city received competitive offers from both National Aquatic Services and Skyblue Pool Supply ‘N Service Inc. Currently, the city is recommended to contract with both services, as staff believe this will be best for the park.


Like everyone and everywhere, Aqua Adventure has to maintain hygienic standards to ensure the safety of everyone. Since its opening, the water park has been maintained by National Aquatic Services, where they have contracted maintenance services regarding the park. The park maintenance includes preventative measures and general repair such as pool plaster repairs and maintenance, pool tiles, UV maintenance, pump, filter, valves, and more.

Why? And How?

As mentioned before, the reason the city is seeking new contractors is because of the increased call time for the services of National Aquatic Services. Aqua Adventure Staff members believe that having multiple contractors will minimize delays and costly repairs, as well as improve safety and customer satisfaction overall. As for how the city is providing the two contracts, the city is recommended to award both of the providers 5 year contracts that don’t exceed $99,000 a year, with the 5 year total not exceeding $495,000. The cost of the contracts have already been approved for the 2021-2022 fiscal budget, and continued funding will be proposed for each additional fiscal year.

Who are the Contenders?

While both contenders are pool service companies, there are still some major similarities and differences between the two companies. For similarities, the biggest one is that both companies employ licensed and insured contractors. Furthermore, both companies are professionals for installing and repairing equipment. However, National Aquatic Services has 25 years of combined experience, and they have prior experience with the city and Aqua Adventures, as they have been the current contractors for the past thirteen years. Furthermore, their services are a bit more extensive, also offering dive work and leak protection, vacuum repair, and other services. On the other hand, Skyblue Pool Supply ‘N Service Inc, while also having experience contracting large pools and waterparks, seems more focused on smaller private pools. Additionally, Skyblue Pool Supply ‘N Service Inc’s pricing is much more transparent for the public. Finally, Skyblue is located in Los Gatos, which is much closer to Fremont than National Aquatic Services’s headquarters in Brentwood. This can lead to faster response times to issues, which is one of the biggest issues the city is facing currently.


It’s ultimately still too early to determine the effects of these changes, and we can only watch what the new contracts provide. Additional contracts may make visiting Aqua Adventures a more pleasant experience with less downtime for attractions, or it could have very little effect. Even if there aren’t many noticeable changes, these contracts are still an additional part of keeping the community a safe place to have fun. In the end, these contracts will hopefully provide visitors of Aqua Adventures a more enjoyable, safe experience.

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