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Our Story

The Municipal Journal was spun from a combination of curiosity and urgency: a curiosity to delve into the inner workings of often neglected functions of politics and an urgency to address a teeming political atmosphere. Our team came together to finally create something to address these two untapped outlets and created this publication that serves as a space of exploration and information.

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Our Mission

As a Journalist Entity we strive to:

  1. Describe the inner workings of local functions, including but not limited to municipal governments and local initiatives. 

  2. Consolidate information into digestible articles and bolster community awareness. 

Our Team


Faith Qiao

Though she is no longer working with MJC, Faith still remains in touch with us.

Lucy Yao

Co Editor-in-Chief

Lucy is one of the managers of the MJC writing, marketing and illustration teams. She comes up with new ideas and makes sure everyone is meeting their goals.

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Catherine Qin

Co Editor-in-Chief

Catherine is a hardworking manager of the MJC writing, marketing and illustration teams. She checks in with people and helps with editing and planning.


Praghna Palaparthy

Editor and Publicity Manager

Praghna is the head of our marketing teams, and spearheads our public outreach to make MJC more well known. She also works as an editor, reading over articles before they are published.

Heidi Chin

Illustration Director

Heidi is the leader of our illustrations team. She makes sure everyone gets their illustrations in on time and helps out when needed.


Ananya Biswas

Editor and Web Manager

Ananya manages the website, posting articles online for MJC. In addition, Ananya is one of the editors for MJC.

Benjamin Qiao


Benjamin is one of our editors, proofreading articles to make sure they meet our standards. He also helps the writing teams produce the quality articles of the MJC blog.

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Want to publish with us?

Are you a high school student? Are you interested in writing with us, but don't have the time to work as a regular? Then publish with us. Works submitted to us will be carefully revised with the editor, and you will be awarded with service hours!

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